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Client Photos & Testimonials


Have nothing in your home that
you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful. 

Thank You

It's Been a Pleasure!

Thank You

It's Been a Pleasure!

"Thank you for making my office gorgeous for my jewelry business!  You are amazing!  It has made working a pleasure - more efficient and productive.  I get jobs done so much faster and can spend more time doing the actual designing.  I appreciated your positive encouragement helping to make the entire experience very enjoyable. I love everything you've done and vow to keep it this way!" -KG

"WOW!  Stunning! What a difference you made in my kitchen!  I had no idea how good it would look!  I can't say enough about how fun the process was and how much I enjoyed working with Lisa."  - DR

"I just listed a home on VRBO and wanted to make sure all the essentials for guests were neatly organized in a manner that made sense. Lisa made it perfect and also helped me with the spaces I chose to lock off.  We decluttered and simplified and my home now shows beautifully in photos!  I'm beyond pleased!  Thank you!" -Dr. P

"I couldn't have done it without you and I'm looking forward to my recurring services to keep my space looking photo worthy. I love it!" -CC

"You are amazing!  Thank you for being so prompt, caring and nonjudgmental." - JJ

"Simply Put, thank you! Money well spent!" - RD

"Truly a pleasure.  I can't say enough great things about Lisa. She was a true professional with the most pleasant demeanor and cheerful "can do" attitude.  She amade organizing my kitchen and family room fun."  - KG

"I am a busy professional and just don't find it important to stay on top of organization.  I wish I could say I can stay organized but I won't pretend so I love the recurring services!  Having a pro come every other week allows me to concentrate on what is important to me and honestly, Lisa is so fun to have around! She's the best to work with!" - CC

"I love my custom labels!  They are so classy.  Now I can stay organized and my closets and bins look great too!"  -LD

"A very much appreciated – THANK YOU!!!  Lisa was excellent- Simply Put - the best (I could use her on a permanent basis).  Thank you for all you did for me and how easy you made my moving experience! "-TO

"Our kitchen is the favorite room in the house now!  The pantry, shelves and drawers are all organized by function and form in the areas they would be used and I love it! I can't believe it took me so long to discard items and not that they are gone I can see how much easier it is to keep everything looking nice. " - SK

"Lisa is fabulous! We had a great time together and I love the result. She is patient and smart, knows what to share and how to gently push, always bowing to my firm opinions at the right time. I will be calling on her/the organization again for some closets." - JD

"I can’t say enough great things about my experience working with Lisa.  She was professional, flexible, and easy to work with throughout the entire process, starting with how quickly I received a follow-up from my inquiry, to the fun session imy home. I was a bit anxious about letting someone see my messes but she made me feel incredibly at ease and didn’t make me feel judged for years of clothing build-up and lack of organization. Lisa works with you to understand how you function in your space to make sure that whatever system is put in place supports your usual routine and can be easily maintained going forward. We’re already booking Lisa for the next project !

My only regret is having not having called her sooner." - TO

 "I loved the labels you created. Simply the best! I will be asking for more as I have learned enough to keep plugging away on my own.  Who know organizing could be so addicting?  I am looking forward to tackling so many more room in my home."  - BD

There is nothing more calming than a beautiful, organized


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