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Professional Organizer

Lisa Cole

Image by Dane Deaner

I love neat, tidy, beautiful spaces.


I'm actually obsessed. I'm truly in love with simplistic organization and design. After years of hiding my obsession for fear of being the overly organized neat freak, I learned it's not something to be ashamed of and that I could actually help others! Being tidy may be innate in me, but it can also be learned. 


It's not about changing your personality – just your habits. 


I embraced my obsession with organization and design by becoming an organizing expert. Now I use my passion for organizing to help others create clarity in their life through impeccable, beautifully organized spaces. I aim to create spaces everyone loves with true long lasting functionality, harmony, beauty & abundant visual appeal to stay organized.


As the wife of a traveling husband & mother of three, my skills were put to task over the years organizing and managing a household with many moving parts.  I understands the demands of a busy lifestyle and how essential it is to be organized. Beginning with luxury organizing & decorating, my services have expanded to include personal shopping, custom labeling, event preparation, as well as simplifying, staging and more.  


A place for everything and everything in its place. 

I truly believe everything has a place & with thoughtful design and purpose it's easy to keep everything  in place.  I feel inspired by a good purge, and genuinely get excited to create clutter-free, beautiful spaces for my clients. I am not intimidated by a good mess!  Visually appealing spaces captivate me, while clutter and disarray just seem to invite me to find the right solutions for functionality & design. 

With organization comes empowerment. 

Finally following my passion to do what I love, after years of making excuses, I also hope to inspire others to join me.  My vision is to empower a team of professional women organizers to create many beautiful, functional spaces for years to come.

Believe that you can & you will. 


My mission is to create spaces that will stand the test of time & are sincerely loved. I strive to create beautifully organized spaces are achievable and allow you to focus on the things that are most important. Simply Put, I love neat, tidy, beautifully organized spaces & design and I can't wait to give you a space that you will love too!

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Getting organized isn't about changing your personality

just your habits.

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